Thursday, December 10, 2009

DOING something

I feel very refreshed in life right now. I've had some good talks with people and I am really feeling like God has given me the power to take authority over my life and conquer some things I've been struggling with. Its empowering for sure.
Its frustrating to have to constantly ensure everyone around me that I'm doing fine. Like...I don't want to sit around the house all the time because thats lame. Even if I can do the same thing at home as I can do at Escape or something, I'd rather go out because at least I'm DOING something. I don't like having nothing to do. I'd rather make random pointless jobs for myself than to sit around doing nothing.

Thats my thing lately, i want to DO stuff. I'm working on learning guitar. I'm going to start teaching myself but I could really use someone to help me out. I just want to remain optimistic about life...its all a mind game. I need to constantly put my mind in a place where I do not feel discouraged and I am hopeful about my life. Worship is the best thing for puts me in a place to act in obedience and see God move. I love it.

Well now I'm off to work 9.5 hours by myself. Saddddddd....this happens every week, but I really just don't like being by myself for so long!

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