Saturday, May 15, 2010

Consistency = Powerhouse of the Holy Spirit

So I've learned that not everyone is going to like who you are. Not everyone is going to understand your goals or your mindset--but it is important to remain consistent no matter what you do. Consistency is such a powerful thing, and I feel like it gets overlooked so often.

I have friends that party and are into all sorts of things, but I can find some respect for them because they are consistently the same across the board. They're not faking anything. They don't act like a good church kid that goes and parties on the weekend. They're not ashamed of their lifestyle. Do I support it? No. Do I respect that lifestyle? No. But think about it this way.A person that is consistently living for themselvess--if they come to Christ and decide to surrender their lives to Him--it is going to make a big impact on everyone that knows them, because their entire life is changing. A person that acts like a sold out worshiper on Sunday, while they're out partying every Friday--if that person comes to Christ--they have to work twice as hard to get people to notice, because they already claim to do the "church thing" Their friends don't have that same respect for them...because they are claiming to be two opposite things--so its hard to take either one seriously.

Now a consistent Christian--that person is a powerhouse of the holy spirit. I don't think people realize how much strength they gain for themselves and for all those they impact when they are consistently seeking God, and consistently making the right decision. It is not about being perfect--but it is about hearing and responding to the voice of God.

What I have found is that when you feed the voice of God by consistently following it--the voices that would tempt you to do the sin you used to do will get weaker and weaker. You'll be able to say no more easily, you'll have less of a desire to give in, and you'll be able to combat those temptations with fire.

Not everyone will agree with your lifestyle--but when you live above reproach--no one can come in and take that from you. Your reputation cannot be discredited by your secrets. You can live without fear or insecurity of being found out. We all make mistakes, but it is important to confess those mistakes to someone who can pray for you and offer you accountability so you can live in freedom. Don't hold onto your shame--because it will hold you back from living consistently. You'll always think you're not good enough for God, and you'll always think He isn't using you correctly. You'll even get upset when you fail at consistency. Don't hold onto your guilt! There is so much more that God can use you for once you let it go.
Satan uses your mistakes as a stronghold to keep you back from success.
Our faith is a battle. Once you recognize that you have to fight and that everything you are scared of is a tactic of the enemy to cause you to stumble...that should make you angry and it should make you want to get over whatever is holding you back.

Do it!