Thursday, May 6, 2010

Living in the Spirit


  1. i love that! this is so powerful
    you are going to do so many amazing things as you continue down this road
    it is only going to get better for you

  2. Your passion alone makes me want to be on a more intimate level with God. I'm not happy where I am in Him. I'm not saying I'm lost and strayed, like I was earlier this year...but I'm saying I want to be filled with desire for Him that's greater than I've ever been filled with before. I want him to consume my every thought, not other guys who can't satisfy my soul like he can.
    I think you have a great relationship with Him and through the hardships you're going through right now, it will only make you stronger in Him. Keep crying out to Him, keep leaning on Him for comfort, keep letting Him be your wind.
    With love,
    Anna Anderson