Saturday, February 5, 2011

I've caught a bug...

Hello from Rustenberg, South Africa! Currently I am at a mall sitting in the internet cafe.
This past week I've spent time at an HIV/AIDS Hospice called Tapalogo. I was expecting patients to be on the very brink of death...and some were. Two passed this week while we were there. But most had very high spirits and were probably going to be released to go home shortly. We would go each morning and bring them treats, play cards, read the Bible, sing songs, Dance. We prayed for several of the women's original designs and I believe one of the women accepted Christ. We had a church service on the last day, Friday, and it was really good. We sang some songs, Jenny told her testimony about how God showed her why injustice happens, Shailah talked about God's love, and I talked about Forgiveness and God's mercy on us. I had an opportunity to sing a song I wrote about the women caught the in the act of adultery. The spirit was really moving through us this week.

I've grown so much in my intimacy with God. I absolutely love being here. God has just been showing me over and over again how much he loves me. I feel like I'm on top of the world. I had my birthday here, and now I am 20 years old. Its weird...but I really do feel a bit older. I feel like God has had to take me away from my comfort zone of family, friends, and America...and really shown me a lot about His character and His heart for me.
I am confident that God wants me to do an SOMD after my DTS...either in the Summer or the Fall. If college comes after that, we'll see. SOMD is really focused on specific giftings and callings. I feel that after I do an SOMD, I'll have a better grasp on what field of missions I should be heading towards. If that requires a degree, I will definitely be obedient to whatever God has called me to.
I'm so in love with Christ, ya'll!

After so many years of not even fully GETTING it...I feel like I have a gold mine in my hands. I don't need money, stuff, or even a real place to say is my home. God has prepared a city for me. I was reading in Hebrews 11...where it talks about those who had great faith. They talked about how this world was not their home...they were aliens in this world. And that was talk of faith...people who knew there was so much more to life than this world. I feel like I'm getting to that place. There is a spiritual battle going on.
I have so much opportunity, and so many blessings...and I know God chose me to be his vessel to carry the gospel. I want to preach boldly without shame. I've caugh this contagious bug that I can't even contain. I could spend this whole blog talking about Africa...but I'm too caught up in how blessed I have to have a God who offers GRACE to cover our transgressions...who PASSIONATELY LOVES us...enough to expand the universe and show me a glimpse of the stars at night, or the clouds during the day. The beauty of the Lord has overwhelmed me and I can't keep it in!!!

Can't wait to get back and show you how I feel. I want each of you to catch it too. I love the Bible. I love Jesus. I love my Father God. I love the power and authority I have throught the Spirit. I literally blush when I think about how good God is to me...He's all I need. Forever.

I have a whole new desire for integrity, character, and living at a high standard.
I pray every day that I'll come back and really be different. I'm tired of the same old thing.


and I'm a little won't let me log into my email at all. So I haven't checked it since January 24th...if anyone is wondering why I haven't responded.

I love you all

Sorry I can't respond to everyone...even my mom and dad who I love deeply. There is a line waiting for internet, and I've already been on for 45 minutes.




  1. You are so loved by your family! So proud of you, sweet and precious Rachel!!

    Be blessed each day as you understand the goodness of God!

  2. Rachel! its Rachel. I love this. And I cant wait to do ywam :)