Monday, March 1, 2010

looking bright

I love having something to be excited about. I think I can actually function as a complete and fulfilled human being if I 1)Have a goal 2)Have something to be excited about.
I'm looking forward to my DTS and my future, and whatever God has in store for me. I just feel like everything is so attainable. Like all my dreams aren't so impossible. It even seems like my dreams have even narrowed down and gotten more specific. I'm 19, and I am just ready to explode! I'm so ready to just GO.
I've got a DTS planned for September and then who knows?
I'm just so sick of this whole "waiting for my life to begin" stage...going to school and staying home. I just want to break out and start things up!

I had lunch with Jamie last week and she put some ideas in my head that I have not been able to stop thinking about. I'm getting fired up! ahh it could all just be so perfect. :]

It's so awesome too. Like I 100% don't want a relationship right now. Right now the only thing a relationship ship could do is hold me back. It has been cool to realize that and walk in it. I'm just focused on my future right now and it is looking bright, let me tell you :]


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