Saturday, July 10, 2010


This is a song I wrote.
I love it.

Cast the first stone if you are without sin
Look into my eyes if you are blameless
A sinful woman, broken and accused
All her past exposed into the open
Jesus stooped down, writing in the dirt
He forgave before he knew her shame
Leave your life of sin
Go and sin no more
A task that daunts the strongest warrior
Now I find myself standing in that place
Wanting to move on without resistance

Now who I've become meets who I've been
And the battles I've won seem like they're not over
I want it gone, no it cannot last
But you can't outrun the pain of your past
The script has been written,
the words have been spoken
The battle is won but I'm still bleeding
But when I look in those eyes of grace
I know His love looked and sought my face

Draw a drink for me, woman at the well
Why are you alone all by yourself
A sinful woman, lonely and abused
All her past is hidden by her secrets
Jesus looked at her, and he saw the truth
But he chose not to cause her shame
Living Water
Will quench your longing thirst
Never again will you be wanting
Now she found herself free from her disgrace
But with freedom comes persistence

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