Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm Grateful He is Faithful

I am definitely a big fan of having a blog. It really feels like an outlet for me to just speak. I honestly do not even care whether I get any comments or not--this is ME just talking, and I like it :]

Yesterday was such a good day--and I am so glad because I definitely needed it! On my way to school I just listened to some of Jennie Riddle's cd and I was definitely encouraged. Here are some little "snippets" that helped set me up for my day.

Now I'm Bound--
"Now I'm changed
My past does not define me
I'm not the same
I’m not held there anymore
Now I'm bound
To liberty and freedom
By the One who laid it down "

Dwelling Place--
"I am standing
And not falling
‘Cause You’re ending
What You’re starting
You won’t leave me or deceive me
You’ll always guide me,
Always hide me"

I was just really feeling like I can DO this. I can be more than I've been before and I can walk in consistency and it was really empowering and encouraging. It made me realize I need to just let God be my strength instead of just focusing on whether I can do something or whether I cannot do something... its always ME ME ME...but that is why I struggle--because it is not supposed to be about me!

It probably helped too that I went to bed at 8:30 the night before and then I woke up at 6:30 to write a paper then I went to class and was fully awake and aware and then I went out to lunch at Brio with Katie, then I went home and chilled and then I worked out at 5pm with Katie til like...6:45? then I got ready and met up with Mat, Amanda, and Katie at Starbucks around 8:30 then we met up with Dana, Kelly, Sarah, Chris, Chris's Friend, and Paulo at Main Event at 10pm to go bowling and then around 12 I went to Ihop with Paulo, Dana, Kelly, and Sarah until around 1:20ish. Everyone else went back to Katie's house. So I just had a fun day--full of activity, and it was fun! I enjoy spending time with people and doing stuff. I'm sick of always being home! OHHH and I took Cassie to the dogpark after class and that was good, because she really needed to get out some energy!

Today is looking promising as well. I slept in til 12 and I'm meeting people at the Park at 3 and then some more people for dinner at 7:30. I'm just happy to have plans! Its so great!! haha

I feel so glad that God is faithful. That He did not leave me and He always shows up when I need him to. He's bigger than I am, He sees more than I do, He knows what I need more than I do, He is so much MORE than me...and I hate how often I try to think I know best, because I'm so trivial in comparison to Him, and yet he VALUES me and puts me at a place of high esteem because I am His child and He sees my potential and my ability to succeed. and THAT is exactly what I need. I need a God who sees more than what IS and sees what COULD be. I'm so grateful that God has not given up on me. I have failed Him so many times, but I cannot even describe my gratitude to the fact that God stilllllllll is holding out for ME! He is GOOD and He has good in his heart for me. He isn't holding my sin against me. He does not love me less. He sees me and He knows me and He uses me inspite of it. How great is that? What more could I even begin to desire?

God thank you for filling my cup and being my joy.

<3 rachel

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