Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At least the voices in my head are singing...

Well I guess lately I've had a lot going on in my head, because I wrote three songs yesterday--which I'm pretty sure is a record.
They're all really rough and I'm still working out the details of them...but here you go, if this will give you a picture of my thought process lately.

Just wait a minute and hold out for me
This isn't how I want it to be
The way I melt into your arms
and find my reflection in your eyes
Its not that its sudden, just a surprise
Easy Come and Easy Go is what they say
Then why is letting go so hard
If its meant to be that way

Inevitable Inevitable
Word I hate to hear
Trivial, so Trivial
This pain is what I fear
Emotional Emotional
These tears I can't suppress
I want to rip this clock up off the wall
If time could just stop.

Oh just hold on
lets just have today
embrace this moment
before it fades away
I will not forget you
Though I might try
The way you bring up butterflies
Your smile, your laugh, your ice green eyes
simple things that make me sigh
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye

And what did I expect?
Something different than the rest?
I must have kidding myself
I watch it walk away
Hope deferred now once again
I'm tired, so tired of losing myself

But I'll stand, I will stand
I will tell myself I'm worth it
I'm not alone, never alone
But I'm broken and in need of restoration
and I'll stand, I will stand
I will cry out for forgiveness
I'm not alone, never alone
But you saw me and you reached out to save me

Now where does my hope lie?
Somewhere different than the past
I will not keep losing myself
I'll put my hope in God
My strength, my song is found in Him
His grace, oh his grace covers me

When I look back to my younger days
I see the sun
See everyone having fun in that sun
When I look back some years ago
I see the light
and I wonder what my life would be
If I had put up fight

Would today be so dark
Would the night feel so alone
If I could only go back and tell myself
You should have put up a fight

You were wronged
You were deceived
They told you lies that you eagerly believed
You knew the truth
You turned astray
If you knew than you should have run away
Just run away


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