Monday, April 5, 2010

Movement. (a poem)

I'd better speak my mind
Or else I'd be wasting your time.
I'm going to let my mind go free
An artistic arrangement of words written by me
Not eloquent or well-expressed
But something that will perhaps put your mind to the test.
We say we are a movement
We say we're on the go
We say that we are willing to follow wherever He may show
But are we really ready to die to self to live for Him?
Are we really dedicated enough to keep on going when our light grows dim?
Death is not a painless process
Death is more than a few meaningless words we confess
It's an action, it's a verb
It's daily moving past your pride to lead you to the verge
We're a wave of intense passion
A striking sensation meant to change the life we fashion
Good is good, but its not the best
Jesus died to save your life--so you better consider yourself blessed
It's not about you
It's not about me
Its not even about us living forever in eternity
When those around don't know or see the truth
Don't you think your life should serve as the proof?
Of a God who sees and knows and loves and cares
A God who comforts and holds and mends those in the deepest despair.
Don't think for a minute your life doesn't count
Who knows who you can reach if you just take your life into account
You are precious and loved and well equipped for service
You have a God who loves and guides even when you get nervous
Your mission is simple: tell the good news
Follow or not--thats the choice you choose
If you want to influence a fallen generation
Get on your knees and pray without ceasing
Something small and unseen by most
Which really gives you no room to boast
Laying your life on the line, and doing something great
Doesn't even matter if you're doing it all for your own sake
Live it right and live it shouting out the message
Watch Jesus ruin lives and clean up their wreckage
You're the voice--You're the momentum
It is your job, so you better tell them
You are the Movment
I am the Movement
HE is our Movement.


  1. best poem i have read in a long time
    loved it
    gave me chills

  2. You have real gift. Thank you for sharing it.