Friday, January 15, 2010

glass houses

So the other night I had a dream that I was living in a glass house, and people were walking by on the street looking and browsing at all my stuff. At first I was offended and I was feeling like "what right do these people have to be looking at all my stuff!" and so I started trying to hide everything, which didnt work out at all. The more I tried to hide stuff, the more stuff kept popping up everywhere. Then I noticed all these children were walking by and I was getting nervous because I was feeling like "i really hope I don't have anything that would be bad for these kids to see" So I started cleaning out my room, and I threw stuff out and made sure my room was really clean, and I wasn't just hiding stuff. Then people started throwing their bodies at my house and they started breaking through the glass and taking all my stuff. then I woke up.

I didn't think much about this dream, but God has continually brought this to my memory. I feel like its a reflection of my life.
The glass house is my life, and I went through a time where I was really rebellious and I didn't want anyone to see my life. And then I went through a time where I was really ashamed of myself and I didn't want people to see who I really was. Then I went through a time of repentance where I got rid of the sin in my life. And now I feel like I'm coming into a time of break through. Where people will see me and want what I have. Not hiding anything, just living purely and listening to the voice of God.

and this made me really excited. I am looking forward to this next phase in my life :] But it definitely makes me want to live a life so I am above reproach. Its a challenge and an encouragement at the same time.

Take it for what you will.

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